Wellbeing at OLSH

We are committed to developing young women of heart who will lead and serve others and make a positive contribution to the community.
At OLSH College we value building student and staff relationships where each student feels a deep sense of belonging, feels known, valued and loved.

Our Pastoral Care Programs strive to meet the needs of our students and reflect the four pillars of OLSH education. These programs focus on social and emotional growth and development and include:

  • Developing healthy relationships
  • Self Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness
  • Responsible decision making
  • Organisation and studying techniques
  • Digital literacy, positive online behaviour and personal and peer safety
  • Road Safety Education
  • Wellbeing for Young Adults program - including financial literacy and women’s health

Each of these initiatives assists in developing connectedness, resilience, leadership and learning confidence.

More information about the flagship programs that form part of our education offering at OLSH College can be found on the Pastoral Care page and the Year 7 transition page.