Learning diversity

We recognise that our students have a breadth of talents, learning styles and learning needs. We support this diversity through tailored support programs for individual students and through opportunities to enrich and extend learning.

Learning support

Our Learning Diversity Department works with parents and teachers to support students with learning needs. 

A customised program is developed for each student that draws on any external assessments or established learning plans, and consultation with the student and parents. The program is shared with the students teachers and Learning Mentor to ensure all are aware of the agreed approach to learning and assessment. These plans are reviewed regularly and communication with parents is maintained to ensure the student feels supported and is engaged with their learning.

Literacy and numeracy support is available for students. Literacy programs are offered to students needing support, in lieu of their Language other than English (LOTE) subject. Numeracy support is provided in the classroom from specialist teachers.

Learning enrichment

We offer extension programs for students who wish to augment their learning in particular areas and develop their talents further.

These opportunities include participation in academic competitions and tournaments across all disciplines. Currently our students participate in:

  • Tournament of Minds - a problem solving program for teams of students working collaboratively in a challenging and competitive environment
  • Big Science – a 50 minute multiple choice competition, testing science knowledge, critical thinking and problem solving
  • Ethics Olympiad – an international competition helping students develop their ethical understanding and critical thinking skills
  • Maths Competition
  • Maths hub – afterschool maths assistance provided weekly in the library
  • Debating – competing against other local schools
  • Language Perfect – a worldwide language competition
  • Top Arts - showcases the exceptional work of students who have completed Art or Studio Arts as part of their Victorian Certificate of Education
  • Secondary School Parliamentary Convention
  • Victorian School Music Festival – for ensemble groups and choirs
  • All State Jazz competition
  • Inter-school sport teams – across 20 individual and team sports, competing in local competitions with pathways to state competitions