Faith and Mission


Reflection and taking time away from our day-to-day lives is a practice that we make time for, across all year levels and for our staff.

Retreat days are scheduled in our calendar and are usually held offsite as a single day activity for year 7 to 10 students and a two-day experience with an overnight stay for Year 11 and 12 students.

OLSH College Bentleigh

The focus of these retreat days is a reflection on our relationships with God, with others, with all of creation and with our deepest selves. Through this growing attentiveness, we are able to become the Heart people we are called to be as we listen more deeply to the gentle voice of God in our lives.

Each of our retreats focus on finding answers to the questions – Who am I, Who is God for me, How do I relate with others and the world, How can I live from my heart?

We frequently invite facilitators and guest speakers to the retreats, to provide their expertise on specific topics or share the wisdom of their life journey.

OLSH College Bentleigh