Faith and Mission

Faith and Mission

Father Jules Chevalier, Missionary of the Sacred Heart, MSC founded the Congregation of the Daughters of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart in Issoudun, France, on August 30, 1874.

Jules Chevalier saw Mary the mother of Jesus as the first disciple and witness of the love of Jesus and was inspired to honour her under the title Our Lady of the Sacred Heart.

Jules Chevalier had an all-encompassing belief in the love of the Heart of Jesus for each of us and for all people and, at the same time a belief in the capacity of the human heart to love and be loved. He believed in the unconditional love of God as revealed in the Heart of Jesus Christ and in the intrinsic relationship between the heart of God, the heart of Christ and our human hearts.

Living this spirituality of the heart implies the readiness to listen to another person and to accept him or her with all their emotions, pleasant or unpleasant.

We value the dignity of the human person and the compassion of the heart of Christ for others. In his book ‘Le Sacre Coeur’ (1900), Jules Chevalier reminds us that each individual is ‘a special being......this particular someone.....who has a place in the heart of Christ, and each of us is surrounded by God’s love’.

Jules Chevalier saw a particular value in the education of girls, as a way of proclaiming and giving witness to the love of God in our world.

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Mary did not receive the Son of God only into her body, but into her entire being as woman. By Jesus becoming human, God assures us that the unique condition of woman is an essential element in his extraordinary and wonderful plan of coming to live among us. Mary enters into a personal relationship with Christ, developing her gifts of tenderness, perceptivity, and listening. Mary makes her special gifts of intuition and sensitivity effective in the service of Christ’s mission.

As the closest to the heart of Jesus, Mary is a role model for each of us in our relationships with God, self and others.