Counselling and resources

During the adolescent stage of development, young people often experience many new challenges in their lives, which may include issues with peers, learning difficulties, self-confidence, bereavement, anxiety, stress, depression and many others.
As a part of the Wellbeing Team at the College, the school has qualified psychologists who specialize in adolescent health, providing support and assistance to students and families to navigate these times.

The counselling team consists of one full time and two part time counsellors that offer confidential counselling to students. The counsellors also work closely with Heads of House and teachers in supporting their work with students. The counsellors are available to discuss parent inquiries and concerns.

There are three ways that a student may access our counselling services:

  • The student may self-refer, via email or by asking their Learning Mentor to support them in setting up an appointment
  • Referral by a member of the Wellbeing team, including our Deputy Principal Wellbeing, Head of House or Learning Mentor
  • Parents may request an appointment for their daughter with the counsellor, by contacting the student’s Learning Mentor via phone or email.

Appointments can be scheduled either during lunchtime or during class time.

Our counsellors provide their services in line with our Child Safety Policy and the limitations of confidentiality are explained to the student in their first meeting. Information discussed remains confidential unless the student is assessed to be at risk.

Additional resources from Headspace are also available via the links below: