Faith and Mission

Social justice and outreach

Our OLSH pillars provide a foundation for how we provide education to our students and how we interact with each other day to day.
Our fourth pillar, ‘We are heart people who touch the hearts of others’ inspires us to reach out to our local and international community, supporting those in need. Our College outreach initiatives mirror Jesus’ love and care for those on the margins of our society.

Students across all year levels are encouraged to participate in a range of outreach activities throughout the year.

We offer outreach to Baptcare which is situated next door to the College. Students and staff prepare and facilitate lunchtime activities for the elderly, spending time with them talking, laughing and sharing stories. This is a fortnightly outreach activity.

Our senior students assist with food distribution from the St. Kilda Food Van. This is a monthly commitment where students and staff attend the van, serving meals and spending time with the local street community in St. Kilda. We take muffins and cakes baked by volunteer students from Years 8 to 12 with us to add to the food offered from the van.

Inspired by the social teachings of the Catholic Church and our OLSH Pillars, during the course of the year we support and raise awareness for four organisations:

Through our support of OLSH Overseas Aid, we support the work of the OLSH Sisters working both here in remote Aboriginal communities and overseas in countries such as Sudan, South Africa and the Philippines.