Pastoral Structure

Four Houses- One Shared Spirit


Pastoral Structure photo 2
The Wellbeing of our students is managed by a structure that provides for all. It is where all girls feel adeep sense of belonging, feel valued, known and loved. Such a system enables all students to have a deep care for one another and allows for cross year level friendships. As confidence, trust and leadership develops, so too does learning security and thus learning confidence.
The Deputy Principal Student Wellbeing works closely with the Heads of House addressing the needs of the students. Together with the Learning Mentors, the Wellbeing Team aim to support students in every facet of their education at the College.
Each student belongs to a House Learning Mentor Group where there is a mix of students from Years 7-12 who meet each morning for homeroom for 10 minutes and some pastoral care lessons.

Such a system enables greater mentoring between students; greater sense of interconnectedness and community spirit; peer mentoring within the group and continuity and contact with a Learning Mentor and Head of House who will know your daughter well.