Wellbeing Programs

Our Pastoral Care Programs strive to meet the needs of our students and reflect the four pillars of OLSH education. Several programs and structures support the ongoing needs of our girls.

Wellbeing 2019
At OLSH College Bentleigh such programs include:

• Transition into Year 7
• Peer Support facilitated by our Year 10 students who work closely with a small team of Year 7s
• Senior students in each homeroom are paired with a Year 7 that they mentor.
• Responsible cybercitizens
• Digital literacy, positive online behaviour and personal and peer safety
• Road Safety Education, RYDA and Vic Roads
• Project Rockit
• Yoga and Pilates sessions
• Developing healthy relationships
• Stress management techniques
• Study techniques
• Relaxation sessions
• The Power of Sleep
• Wellbeing for Young Adults program
• Positive education
• Restorative practices
• Financial literacy
• Women’s health
• Body image
• BATYR- preventative education in the area of youth mental health.
Each of these initiatives assists in developing students’ connectedness, resilience, leadership and learning confidence.