FLAME Magazine

The College magazine, FLAME, is published twice a year.


It contains profiles of alumnae, stories about class reunions and information on upcoming events to which alumnae are invited, as well as updates about what is happening at OLSH.

Contributions are welcome.

Here are some guidelines about submitting photos which are suitable for reproduction in FLAME.

Photos need to be at least 300dpi resolution or 1MB in size. The names of the people in the picture should also be included. With group photos, please supply the names from the back row first, from left to right.

Maiden names should be used and if the photo is about an event, it is useful to include the locality, the date and the purpose of the gathering.

Photos can be emailed or mailed. If you are mailing any photos, please be sure to include your address if you would like the photo/s returned.

While contributions are welcome, we also operate within time and space constraints, so sometimes are not able to include all submissions.

Download the FLAME magazine: