Issoudun Pathways Handbook

The middle years of schooling are crucial in the development of young people. These years set the tone for the achievement of your daughter’s potential through her secondary education. Research indicates that the habits and skills developed by young people in the middle years of school have a direct impact on their success in VCE.
Our curriculum has been designed to address the needs of 21st century students while still acknowledging the path we have covered to get to this exciting new juncture.

The name of ‘Issoudun’ designates the curriculum that our students will undertake in Year 9. In doing this, we are acknowledging that Issoudun is the foundation site of the Congregation of the Daughters of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart in France. This was the location of important decision-making by young women, more than a century ago. The significance of their decisions made then, impacted on their future and ours. Our OLSH community in Bentleigh is here because they lived their dream.
The curriculum has been developed to create coherent pathways; from Issoudun and Year 10 into VCE.
Research into middle school curriculum has informed our curriculum offerings.

Research states that an appropriate curriculum should:

  •  strengthen both teacher-student relationships and the challenge of learning;
  •  involve students in some decision-making about content, process and assessment;
  •  present authentic tasks that require complex thought and allow time for exploration;
  •  include processes involving co-operation, communication, negotiation and social competencies generally;
  •  Provide for individual differences in interest, achievement and learning styles.
  •  include extended cross-disciplinary problem-solving tasks;
  •  include direct teaching about thinking and learning;

Our Curriculum addresses our students’ needs for:

  •  independence, and peer acceptance
  •  cooperative learning
  •  collaborative teaching
  •  integrated curriculum
  •  authentic assessment

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