To provide our students with the skills to survive in a global information age economy, it is necessary to offer a learning space where electronic information is not only available, but is more importantly, integrated into learning.

Students in Library


The OLSH library offers these facilities through the provision of resources and teaching staff who operate in an attractive, functional working space.

A library needs to have rich and diverse resources. This not only promotes a love for reading, but also models and teaches writing. According to Elise Broach (2005), “It’s as important to foster a positive student experience with writing as it is with reading because good writers make good readers, and vice versa”. Our girls are encouraged not only to borrow but also to select and evaluate resources of all types and genres, giving them ownership and pride in their collection.

Further, our library embraces the entire OLSH community offering extensive activities through Book Clubs, movie events, displays, author visits and Book Week celebrations.

We are proud to offer our girls an extensive and rich collection of resources – students are encouraged to strive for excellence in digital literacy as well as gaining a love and appreciation for literature, in a welcoming environment.