Welcome to OLSH College Drama

Drama 1

Drama has a wide appeal to students at OLSH College, and it caters to those with a passion for the Performing Arts.
Students have the opportunity to experience movement, mime and vocal work, role play and improvisation, character development and play building. Students present their work in a solo setting or in a group performance platform where they will have had the opportunity to write their own scripts. They attend professional theatre productions where they learn to critically analyse and evaluate the characters, theatre styles and the history of the drama piece. Students work in a number of theatre spaces, other than the drama classroom, to enhance their performances.
At OLSH College, we believe that drama develops confidence and builds self-esteem. Students can further hone their performance skills outside the classroom through co-curricular activities which include Drama Club, Theatresports competitions, plays and school productions.
Drama brings fun and enrichment to the education offered at OLSH College.

For enquiries about subject Drama please contact Arts Head of Department Ms Chris West, cwest@olsh.vic.edu.au.

For enquiries about Co-curricular Drama please contact the Performing Arts Co-ordinator, Ms Tasha Esteves testeves@olsh.vic.edu.au