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The Dance Department at OLSH College is growing and waiting for you to become involved. When studying dance, students learn multiple styles and techincal skills and they also develop their ability to create their own choreography. There are many dance performance opportunities offered at OLSH College which helps to build the girls confidence, both on and off stage. They will learn about body awareness which will enhance their performances. The theory component of dance focuses on nutrition, safe dance practice, anatomy and appreciation.

Students can further develop thier skills outside the classroom through co-curricular activities. Perhaps you might be interested in Wakakirri, the Senior Dance Team or College Productions. With the qualified and experienced Dance teachers at OLSH College, we are sure you will completley emerse yourself in our Dance Program. 

For enquiries about classroom Dance please contact Arts Head of Department Ms Chris West, cwest@olsh.vic.edu.au.

For enquiries about co-curricular Dance please contact Perfroming Arts Co-ordinator, Ms Tasha Esteves, testeves@olsh.vic.edu.au.