Issoudun Experience (Year 9)

 Issoudun...where the heart is captured   



where the heart is captured
a journey of transformation
a time of inspiration
for others and with others

where the heart is captured.

The students in Year 9 are known as the Issoudun year level, named after the town in France where the OLSH Sisters were founded. Within the program for the year, students encounter several major learning experiences through Je Suis:

Je Suis

Je Suis (I am) is a program that looks beyond and steps out of the College gates. It is a journey of transformation that will take students on a discovery along many pathways in the local community, city (Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne) and rural settings (country Victoria and NSW). Students undertake a one month residential program at the OLSH campus in the Southern Highlands of NSW during which time they make lifelong memories. It is a time of making connections, inspiration, challenge, vision, courage and risk. It fosters the student’s curious minds, their critical and creative thinking skills, social awareness, independence, leadership, faith and confidence and community service (H4O –Hearts for others).
Students will gain and develop life skills that they can apply and transfer to many situations in their future. The girls will continually engage, explore, explain and grapple with the big questions in life.

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Issoudun provides educational experiences that are likely to be remembered and influence the students learning journey into VCE and well after they have left College. It has been designed to be challenging, integrative, and exploratory including planned variety in teaching and learning approaches.

By clicking the link below you can view the slide show which contains information about the unique OLSH College Year 9 program.